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Welcome: Welcome your visitors with a synopsis of what they will find on your website - show your book jackets, a photo of yourself, information about upcoming events, booksignings, workshops, seminars and most importantly, the writing you have for sale.

Published & to-be-published books, articles & essays: A section for each genre, book, subject or series with a little "tickler" or excerpt for your visitors to read. We'll link up to Amazon or wherever your book is offered for sale.

Events, Workshops, Seminars, Classes and Book-signings: Let people find you, attend your seminar or workshop and sign on to your mailing list!

About the Author: A few hundred words (or more) about your life including pictures of you, how you became a writer, where you write, your influences, achievements, philosophy, current projects and goals.

Your Blog: We'll integrate your online blog into your website and coordinate it with the design of your pages. Write to your heart's content, enable comments (or not) and build a following of fans