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Websites for Visual Artists & Galleries

Being artists ourselves, we love working with creative people to help them put their best foot forward on the web. We recommend the following:

Home/Welcome: Include your Artist's Statement and/or a photo or sentence leading to each page of the website.

Art Portfolio: A gallery for each series of your work - may be organized by subject matter, medium, genre or other content of your choosing. We tag all your images so they will appear in the online image searches.

Gallery Artists: A portfolio or sample of each of the artist's works that you represent.

Biography/Artist's Studio: 200-300 words written in third person about your life including pictures of you at work in the studio or in plein air - people are intrigued with the artist's life! 

Upcoming Shows, Classes & Workshops:  Let your visitors know where to find you and/or how to sign up for your classes & workshops.  Use PayPal for easy payment options.

Resumé: Your listing of exhibitions, awards, gallery representation and collections.